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Reinhold Signs 

Services Overview

Reinhold Sign Service provides sign installation from concept to completion. We provide complete sign repair and maintenance services to keep your business signage in perfect condition year after year. We service a 100 mile radious from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Our state of the art printing equipment allows us to print incredible imagery onto a variety of substrates. Some of which include banner material, pressure sensitive vinyl and paper.

Banners are a low cost, effective advertising medium for temporary uses. Whether strung between poles or hung to the side of a wall, Reinhold can provide a solution for your event. Contact us today and allow our team of experts to create the look you desire. 

As the saying goes... The three most important factors in your business is location, location and location. Why not capitalize on your most important resource with a new advertising medium that is taking the industry by storm?

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) create an outdoor impulse buying reaction that's different from an interior impulse buy. An EMC's direct goal is to bring customers who normally wouldn't stop to pull in. Obviously, bringing more traffic into your business leads to more sales.

Other forms of advertising, while costing more, have a broader reach. However, do you trust people to see a newspaper ad, get off the couch and actually drive to your location? The great thing about an EMC is that people are already "off the couch".

You are invited to see for yourself. With realistic costs and financing options, we're sure that we can find a solution right for you. Please contact us today to learn more information on how an EMC can help you. 


Every side of your building can be an invaluable resource when it comes to advertising. Awnings give large amounts of signage space while adding to the look and feel of your building.

They add excitement to the architecture and additional lighting to the exterior as well as places for clients to stand out of the elements. Contact us today, and you let our team of experts design the right look for.


Exterior signs announce to customers and potential clients of your presence in the area. Whether it be a lit pylon that rises tall into the air or a monument that adds a touch of class to your property, our design specialists and production team have the tools and expertise needed to make your business stand out from the rest.

A turn-key approach is our plan. We handle everything from initial design and permitting through final connection and electrical hookup. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and see for yourself what Reinhold Signs can do for you.


Using a variety of materials, we produce steel framed "for for selling properties, posting job site work or announcing special events for many industries and organizations.

We can provide signs with posts or stands for sale" signs or 4'x8' site signs that are the industry standard for the "do-it-yourselfer", or we can provide signs with installation for a turn- key approach. Contact us today for unmatched customer service and competitive pricing. 

Routed or sandblasted signs give an "old-fashioned" look with a substantial feel that gives customers a warm welcome. Using a variety of substrates including wood or HDU (high density urethane) foam we create that classy look that many businesses crave.

Add our professional design and installation know-how, and Reinhold Signs is your best choice for routed and sandblasted signs. Contact us today to discuss your options. 

Vehicles Graphics

Don't just drive it, use it as an advertising medium. Think a wrap is "over-the-top", letter your vehicle with a logo and phone number and use it to build brand awareness.  

Vehicle Wraps

Wraps can make use of your entire vehicle's surface. Use eye-popping, full color graphics to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. Our design specialists can help you turn ideas into reality today

Fleet Lettering

Whether your fleet is two trucks or 1,000, fleet lettering can give your business a consistent look. Allow us to use our experience to design and produce any size fleet project.